Why select searchAir Network ?

searchAir Network is a leading Internet Service Provider in Bangladesh.

We started our journey with aim of providing very high level Internet support. The Company has developed with very talented force of IT experts who are creative and forward thinking in their approach. They are always ready to provide proper Internet related solution based on clients demand.

To get started with us, please go over all of our internet plans and other plans to let our operators know which one works for you the best! We guarantee high-quality customer support service with high-speed FTTH broadband connection all over the country.

Our Features

Super Fast

Fastest Internet Connection with committed bandwidth, optimum latency on global route, negligible amount of Jitter resulting lag free experience on real time traffic.

Unlimited Data

No data caps on any connection

FTTH Network

We provide fiber optic connection direct to your location. And we try for our valuable clients with GPON technology connecting them to the digital world with the largest FTTH network. FTTH networks bring the combined advantages of higher transmission rates.

Moving optical fiber closer to the user allows the latest construction, connection and transmission techniques to be leveraged to their fullest extent and diminishes the bottleneck potential of conventional connectivity.

Max Uptime

98%+ Uptime guaranteed

Ipv4/Ipv6 Available

We provide high-speed internet with real IP (IPv4/IPv6) that are not shared by another workstation or computer. This makes our internet perfect for streaming and entertainment applications, such as Gaming ,streaming Netflix and High Definition (HD) content.

We value your opinion and this is why, we want you to give us a call today.

Largest-FTP Server

We are having a partnership with largest FTP service provider entertaining live streaming and Unlimited download.

Multiple Upstream

We maintain connections to multiple upstream providers with multiple fiber optic cable connection to provide redundancy and reliability for your connection to the Internet.

Advance Monitoring

On-Demand Pro-Active Monitoring system

We are available in
Kamrangirchar Thana Area


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